Goals and purpose

  • To help you gain control of your practice, your team, and your patients
  • To show you how to create a unified team of motivated, enthusiastic professionals
    focused on a common vision and goals for the practice
  • To reduce stress while increasing your personal prosperity and happiness
  • To create exponential growth in all areas of your practice
  • To help you have more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in your practice
    and in your life
Goals and purpose
Group trust-building and one-one-one interviews


In-Office Discovery & Investigation

  • Group trust-building and one-one-one interviews
  • Completing the past: cynical/negative viewpoints/resolution of disputes/handling upsets and disagreements
  • Identifying the source of core practice problems
  • Analysis of all practice systems and team accountability with individual evaluation
  • Physical environment evaluation
  • Financial and statistical analysis done and daily/weekly/monthly monitors put in
  • Creating your ideal practice – goal and objective setting with team bonus incentive plan created
  • Preparing the team for program expectations and goals

Personal development

  • Strengthening your purpose and increasing your passion in practice
  • Gaining control and eliminating stress
  • Attracting and retaining great people
  • Creating and implementing staff, patient, and operational policies for maximum compliance
  • Establishing better communication with your staff and patients
  • Overcoming what is holding you back personally, and other personal and professional obstacles, fears, and self-defeating attitudes
  • Handling practice upsets effectively
  • Creating a practice culture of ethics, integrity, and living by your word
  • IIdentifying team strengths and weaknesses
  • Building your confidence to confront and handle problems completely until they are permanently resolved
  • Creating a unified team with a powerhouse drive to get things done and win on your behalf
Gaining control and eliminating stress

Practice development

  • Business structure and organization
  • Positioning and setting yourself apart from other competition in your market
  • Eliminating accounts receivable
  • Case presentation and closing resulting in maximized case acceptance
  • How to achieve exponential versus incremental growth
  • Patient education systems
  • New patient system-The complete new patient experience
  • Re-care system
  • Hygiene system
  • Developing the “nerve center” of your practice for optimal growth: the front desk
  • Creating and agreeing on your standard of care for your patients, and selling to this standard of care
  • Creating the ideal production schedule
  • Minimizing broken and cancelled appointments
  • Management by statistics and agreements
  • Entrepreneurial bonus systems that keep staff accountable to each other and drive practice growth on a daily basis
  • How to ensure sustained implementation and growth

Delivery Format


  • In-office trust building, discovery and investigation
  • 4 accredited quarterly full-day, full team “Power Seminars”
  • 12 in-office team coaching sessions
  • 24 individualized phone-coaching sessions
  • Unlimited, on-demand support and troubleshooting

Times & Locations

Wednesdays 9:30am – 3:30pm
in a centrally located hotel venue.


A two times return on investment determined at commencement on every dollar invested in the program as measured by the increase in collections actualized during the term of the program.