Our approach to analyzing your practice is simply this: We thoroughly get to know you, your team, and your business not just by the numbers and other statistical data, but by thorough on-site, personal observation before decisions are made and actions are taken to make changes and improvements. If we discover something missing, we will provide it for you. If something needs to be improved, we will improve it for you. And if something is working, we will keep it as it is. We will never change anything simply for change sake unless change is truly needed in a particular area of your practice.

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

What is the difference between coaching and consulting, and what do you do?

We do both. Consulting is analysis of and delivery of information. That’s where most companies end their work, showing or telling you what to do and how to do it. Coaching is what gets you to breakthrough the problems that exist in your practice and your life as well. It takes coaching to unlock a person’s unlimited potential so that they can win the game of dental practice!

Will this program disrupt my practice and cause staff and patients to leave because of all the changes I’ll be making?

Absolutely not. Change is a good thing when executed properly. You should not change for the sake of change; it must make sense and there must be agreement to change. And you shouldn’t change too many things at once. Instead, change should be implemented on a gradual process. Our approach to a practice is that when there is something missing, we put it in. If something needs to be improved, we help you improve it. If it’s already working, we leave it alone.

Are the results really sustainable?

Absolutely. We provide you with systems and tools that generate ongoing growth and success for years to come. A good practice management consultant and coach should coach themselves out of a job in a finite period of time. Once they have created independent, entrepreneurial people within your team, those people in turn empower future new hires to do the same.

Why and how can you guarantee results?

We guarantee results because too many dentists have engaged practice-management-consultants and unfortunately have gotten burned. It wasn’t necessarily the fault of the consultant or that they were providing bad information and advice (although that happens as well), the problem was that there was a lack of implementation and accountability. Not following through and putting things into practice is where most people fall short. SDD does not just sell information – we sell results. Unlike most other firms, we work closely with your practice. The frequency of interaction with our clients, the level of attention that we give, and the fact that we involve the entire team throughout the entire process enables us to get amazing results, every time. Therefore we are confident enough to put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our fee.

What areas do you focus on?

There are two key areas we address, business development and personal development. It’s not enough to just focus on systems, scripts, and the other day-to-day operations of a dental practice. It is absolutely vital to develop everyone in the practice so that they can be more effective and powerful in their personal and professional lives. Most consultants don’t have the expertise to work in the personal development area (the people aspect) of your practice. We not only have the expertise, but we spend significant time in this area, which is so key to growth, and why we produce such profound results.

What if my practice is already successful?

Most of our clients are already successful in varying degrees. But success doesn’t necessarily translate into happiness and prosperity. Happiness and prosperity come from personal and professional progress and growth. Are you as good as you can be, or could you challenge yourself to improve and be even better?

What are your typical clients looking for when they engage SDD?

  • To reduce their level of stress. To become better business people and leaders.
  • To regain their passion and enthusiasm for dentistry and their practice.
  • To create a work environment in which their team can thrive, and grow, and be rewarded for helping take the practice to the next level.
  • To have their practice run more efficiently through a better trained and more motivated staff. And, of course, to increase the net income in the same or less time worked in the practice

Is the SDD program for everyone?

No. Our program is for doctors who want serious results and sustainable, long-term professional and personal growth. If you want to dabble in practice management to just “learn a few things,” then SDD is not for you.

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