Creating your Ideal Practice

Guidelines for success!

After providing state-of- the-art service to your patients, a large portion of the financial compensation you deserve gets bogged down in accounts receivable. You end up spending time, money, and aggravating hours attempting to collect for your services, and sometimes too little or no avail.

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You arrive at the office in the morning fired up, enthusiastic to see patients, but you’re soon brought down by the unmotivated state your team seems to be in. Low morale blunts everyone’s enthusiasm, negatively impacts your team’s production, and reflects an unpleasant office environment to your patients.

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You may not believe it, but just as there is no shortage of unhealthy mouths out there, there’s no shortage of good people looking for the “right package” and the right practice culture which will attract them to you. Knowing how to recruit good people is the key.

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Profitability is dependent upon more than just increasing fees, down-sizing, and cutting corners. If it were that easy, you wouldn’t need to worry about productivity and overhead. Low profitability doesn’t allow you to grow your practice and still take a fair salary to provide for yourself and your family.

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You know absolutely that a patient will need the treatment you and your hygiene team recommend. You know how valuable it is to his/her health and well-being. But you can’t get your patient to agree, and see its value as you do. So, you minimize, phase, or discount treatment.

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It’s hard to find good people, and almost just as difficult to keep the good ones. High turnover creates dissention, hurts morale, causes lost productivity, decreases efficiency, and creates a financial burden on the practice.

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Stress or worry can occur for any number of reasons. It can be very detrimental to you personally and to your practice. It’s probably the result of too many things left unaddressed or not completed. Stress breeds uncertainty and creates a tense office environment.

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If you’ve lost your passion for dentistry, feel uninspired and unmotivated, it’s a sign you’ve lost sight of your purpose, your primary goal or aim, or the core reason you decided to become a dentist, which was to help others.

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Staff Driven Dental

We think differently!

We don’t sell information,
we sell a result.

Our Philosophy

In 1997, after researching and surveying what worked and what did not in the field of dental practice management, Staff Driven Dental (SDD) was born.

Striving to bring dental coaching and consulting into the 21st Century, SDD launched an effort to create a modern, progressive business model to guarantee profound, sustainable growth and expansion for dental practices. By creating a fun, enthusiastic, and highly personalized coaching and consulting experience that actively involved the entire dental team, SDD raised dental practice management to a whole new level.

We are so certain the SDD program will help you win the game of dental practice, we have guaranteed it! To put it bluntly, we put our money where our mouth is. We may not be the first practice management company you’ve engaged with, but we are the last one you will ever need. SDD’s goal is to help improve the quality of each member of your dental team’s daily life. Our unprecedented personalized coaching and the most innovative and creative practice management systems guarantee you gain and maintain control of your practice, your team, and your patients.

With your team motivated and focused on the same vision to attain specific, measurable goals, stress is reduced, and opportunities for personal prosperity and happiness are increased. Along with exponential growth of your practice are the bonuses of having more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in both your practice and personal life.


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